Welcome to TTN Reading

This is a community site for people interested in developing a free to use long-range data network across the area of Reading for the "Internet of Things".
The project was inspired in part by the nearby achievements of the Oxford Flood Network(external link), and further afield by The Things Network(external link) in Amsterdam, which managed to create a data network across the city of Amsterdam in just 6 weeks!
We are proud to be part of the growing community of The Things Network (TTN).

This site exists to help people develop TTN Reading and showcase our IoT projects. It is a wiki, and you are encouranged to contribute. The wiki is used to document how TTN Reading is currently set up. This is a moving feast so a wiki feels like the appropriate tool for the job. There are pages covering:
Roadmap- what are we trying to achieve with TTN Reading
Getting started - guidance on how you can use and develop the network
LoraWAN - an introduction to the technology behind TTN Reading and The Things Network
Network - what gateways are up and running in our area
Devices - what devices we've got connected up to The Things Network and/or our gateways
Projects - examples of projects people are working on or have got up and running
Links and resources - websites, suppliers, tutorials, etc.

Monthly newsletter

We are starting a monthly newsletter which will deliver a brief update on the progress of TTN in the UK to your email inbox. You do not need to register an account, just enter your email address below and click the button.

Why not start right now? - it's easy!

1: Explore

  • Visit wiki pages - try Roadmap or LoraWAN for starters
  • Browse through the forums and join your preferred social media sites

2: Ask questions and give feedback

  • Register to become part of the community
  • Ask questions in the forums
  • Give feedback using Comments at the bottom of any page

3: Contribute

  • Make and connect sensors to The Things Network
  • Write apps that make use of the data from connected devices
  • Build/buy/host a gateway and extend the range of The Things Network
  • Help others by improving our knowledge base on this wiki site