Founding story        

How TTN Reading began...

November 2015: Mark Stanley successfully completed a government project that had been his sole focus for the past 18 months and wondered what to put his effort into next. Like any good project manager he made a list. The list ran to 7 pages!

Near the top of the list was “Internet of Things”, and Mark scoured Google for ways to get involved. He ordered a couple of Zigbee radios, offered to be a mentor at a school IoT challenge, signed up for an online course run by Kings College, and then read about a group of people in Amsterdam who had created an IoT network across the city in just 6 weeks. That sounded exciting, so he dug deeper.

On the Sunday evening after his first week off, Mark was asked if he had anything he could give a talk about at Reading Geek Night(external link) the following Tuesday evening. Mark said he’d put something together on the Internet of Things. Two days later Mark found himself on stage launching The Things Network Reading (you can watch it on YouTube(external link)).

Mark getting excited at Reading Geek Night
Mark getting excited at Reading Geek Night

Ever since then Mark has been working to turn the talk into reality with a team of people from rLab(external link) (the local makerspace), GROW(external link) (collaborative working hub/incubator) and the wider TTN(external link) community, especially neighbouring TTN Thatcham(external link).

TTN Reading is a growing network and a growing community. It has a lively social media presence, has featured in the RS Designspark website(external link), has co-initiated a Wildlife IoT challenge with GROW, and is working on a hedgehog tracking project(external link) with the Smart Earth Network. It is also co-running workshops with TTN Thatcham to help people build their own TTN devices.

Mark still hasn’t got off the first page of his to-do list!
One of the early TTN devices
One of the early TTN devices