Links and resources        

Links and resources

This page contains links to useful sites and details of other useful resources. If you have found something that is particularly useful please update this page with the details so others can benefit too. Thanks!

LoraWAN 1.0 Specification(external link)

Other Things Networks

The Things Network

The Things Network(external link) - the centre of the TTN universe is in Amsterdam
The Things Network forums(external link)
The Things Network wiki(external link)

Other UK TTN groups

Thatcham(external link)
London(external link)
Manchester(external link)

Hardware supplies

LoraWAN gateway / radio manufacturers

HopeRF(external link) - low cost radio modules
Kerlink(external link) - if money is no object..!
LinkLabs(external link) - currently $800 gateway
Microchip(external link) - low cost radio modules
Multitech(external link) - £400 gateway and mDot radios - we have two in Reading :-)
Semtech(external link) - make gateways and radios. Every LoraWAN radio currently uses a Semtech chip
Sodaq(external link) - very exciting organisation into solar powered devices. Years of real life radio practice in Africa

LoraWAN gateway / radio retailers

Future Electronics(external link)
Farnell(external link)
RS Components(external link)
DigiKey(external link)

DIY gateways and tutorials

8-channel LoraWAN compliant gateway(external link) Should cost no more than €200
Single channel gateway(external link) Not LoraWAN 1.0 compliant and so not suitable for production use, but super-cheap and fine for testing!

Sensors, actuators, components

Cool Components(external link)
Farnell(external link)
RS Components(external link)

Other discussion groups, forums...
The Things Network forums(external link)
OpenLora forum - wider scope than The Things Network(external link)
Thames Valley TTN User Group - set up by Mike the Bee(external link)